Web Resources

Developmental Disabilities

Information about developmental disabilities.
Has information about autism spectrum disorders, and lists of healthcare providers and resources, and information about California Regional Centers.

Learning and Learning Differences

Dr. Mel Levine
=s book AA Mind at a Time@ discusses learning differences and emphasizes children=s different learning styles rather than their learning disabilities. This is an interesting site for anyone who has a child having difficulty academically in school.


Provides a search engine and listing of news articles, magazine back issues and reference articles on a wide variety of topics, including science, psychology, and social sciences. Many of the articles found in a search have abstracts available to view and many have both abstracts and free full-text available.

Neuropsychology and Medicine

For those of you who are fascinated by MRIs and love to look at slices of brain tissue of all sorts, this is a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

US department of Health and Human Services SAMHSA (substance abuse and mental health services administration) web site. Lots of information is available here
B much of it by state (there is a box on the page for you to select the state you are interested in). This includes statistics, directories of mental health services and other information. The left column on the page includes links to other DHHS sites and informationB including a APublication@ site that allows you to order government publications in the area of Mental Health ServicesB most for no cost to you.

This leads you to a variety of videos from the Harvard School of Public Health. You will find conferences and presentations about topics such as obesity, the human genome project, nutrition, bioterrorism and more.

listing of approx 700 medical (clinical and research) journals available on line. Titles are organized by content or by availability. Some offer free access immediately, some after 6 months, etc.
B and links to the journal site.

This is the research library at City of Hope cancer center in California. Many of the articles listed have free full-text available.

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