In this section of my web site I want to share with you some resources that I have found to be interesting and helpful. Â In the sections below you can find links to websites describing specialized services, self-help materials, and other sources of information.

Self Help Descriptions of and links to books, CDs, DVDs and other materials that you can use to help in your journey to growth and healing. These are all items that I have used in my practice and recommend from time to time to clients in my office. Click here to access links to Books, CDs and DVDs

Services: These are links to web sites of other practitioners who provide services that might be helpful to you. All of the practitioners listed are personally known to me and, although I cannot predict how useful their work will be to you and your particular situation, I do know that they are highly qualified and ethical practitioners who will do their best for you and/or lead you to others who can help. Click on links below to access these.

Alternative Services (Massachusetts)

Alternative Services (California)

Children’s Services (Massachuestts)

Children’s Services (California)

Rehabilitation Services (California)

Information Links to indexes and libraries, pertinent videos, journals, and other valuable websites

General Information on the web

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