This section contains essays written by Dr. Cooper. Please click on the links below to view essays.

On Grief I write this in the hope that we all reflect on the psychological and emotional healing process for ourselves and others. And the hope that we support that psychological and emotional healing with the gifts of compassion, patience, and appreciation of the courage it takes to feel one’s own deepest feelings and sit quietly for however long it takes with those of others.

Hyperbolic Geometry (or How I Became a Postmodernist) Everything is contingent on one’s underlying assumptions — those deeply embedded rules that guide our lives and of which we are often unaware.

If Cabin Pressure Drops an Oxygen Mask Will be Deployed… It is really alright for us to take good care of ourselves — In fact, we can’t really be good at taking care of others unless we do!

My Thanks to Doby the House-Elf “How does Doby help?” you ask… Because now when one of these things happens I find myself saying “Oh, gee, I better go iron my hand!”

Reflection on Science and Art No place is the reflection upon the nature of science and art and the validity of different methods of inquiry more relevant than in the field of psychology.

R.M.S. Titanic as a Metaphor for the Anxious … evidence shown here provides support for the less-anxious position that it takes a convergence of many errors or bad circumstances to make a disaster…

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