Alternative Services (Massachusetts)

Rising Moon Healing Center

At the Rising Moon Healing Center in South Hamilton, MA, Heather Ensworth, PhD provides services in areas such as shamanic healing, astrology and spiritual consultation. In addition, Dr. Ensworth and colleagues provide a number of workshops and classes. As described on the web site:

… the Rising Moon Healing Center is a place for healing and remembering — for reweaving our connections with ourselves, with others and with Spirit… In listening to the wisdom of the Earth and the sky, we are able to remember who we are and our interconnectedness with all of life and are guided into who we are meant to become, including living in right relationship with the Earth and with each other. In this way, we find healing for ourselves and bring healing energy to the world around us.

Root and Branch Oriental Medicine

At Root and Branch Oriental Medicine in Hopkinton, MA, Eileen Power DePaula, M.Ed., M.Ac. Lic.Ac and Geoffrey DePaula M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.C.H. provide a variety of healing services based on Chinese and Japanese healing traditions. They describe their philosophy on their web site in the following way:

In Chinese medicine, we look at the entirety of the person, all of the symptoms/signs that may be seemingly unrelated, in order to come to a diagnosis specific to the individual. We are most familiar in our culture with the concept of treating symptoms without giving much thought to the underlying cause of those symptoms. In this way, we often see symptoms go away temporarily, only to flare back up. We are dedicated to educating our patients to understanding the relationships between their health and their personal choices, so that they may remain symptom free and experience the joy of vibrant health.

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